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White Star Line


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I wonder how much of my friends list is still actually there

Its extensive - like 200 people or so, yet I only see about a half dozen active ones on here. Maybe a few more doing twitter roboposting.

I wonder if they have gone to Facebook, twitter (where I would never find them) or have just stopped communicating. I don't think LIvejournal is attracting a lot of new people - when I joined a decade ago it ws the major platform but thats long since true. but I have over a decade of personal history in here and efforts to export the journal have failed, so I'm still here.

I'm more active on Twitter just due to how mobile I am at my present employment - and my tweets mostly do NOT repeat here anymore.

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allthingsshiny February 26th, 2013
I post more of my personal life here, just because it's a ghost town now.

vulpesrex February 26th, 2013
I read all the posts of the people who are on my Friends List...but fewer and fewer people seem to be communicating at all.

The older ones, the ones who are inclined to post more about important topics, seem to be more...reserved and introspective, or find that what they would wish to write about, isn't all that important to write about, after all. The ones who are artists seem to post - when they DO post - to FurAffinity, and then only when they are in desperate straits, or are soliciting commissions, or have an art submission to post.

Twitter CAN be a great way to send out pointed bits of information - but what it SEEMS to be, in the aggragate, is short bits of trivia or momentary feelings and impressions, of the most ephemeral sort. I will acknowledge its potential to "get the word out" about something, but not really practical for _interaction_ in-depth. Does anyone recollect a meaningful or insightful conversation being carried out over twitter?

The general mood of the times seems to be walling us off - cocooning us - from one another.

I suspect that if someone could measure the statistics of e-mail content, that even that would show a reduction in "meaningful" communications of an interpersonal sort, in a massive way.

Too much world information - and it is having the same effect as "noise". We tune out.

c_eagle February 26th, 2013
It probably goes without saying, but I'm pretty regular on here still.. :>

oldhans117 February 26th, 2013
I post only about once a year and Facebook decided to ban me over nothing as far as I can tell and there seems to be no way to appeal.

titanic February 28th, 2013
I actually had to delete my facebook account intentionally and start over. It had filled up with those non-deletable "smart lists" and the only way to fix it was to create a new account and put in no personal information at all.

darrelx February 26th, 2013
I went to facebook for my daily posts... I come back here once or twice a month for a couple days in a row, then disappear again.

shockwave77598 February 26th, 2013
I'm still around. Haven't found anything better than LJ.

ruggels February 26th, 2013
Still here. I prefer reading to posting though as, frankly I haven't doen anything noteworthy, or positive in more than a year. Nothing to report so I sit back and read.


carlhh February 26th, 2013
Still here. Still reading. Don't have anything to say most of the time.

kurtoons February 28th, 2013
I come back here occasionally. Then I feel guilty about not posting here more.

We're all on Google+

ideaphile March 1st, 2013
Ha ha! Of course we're not.

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