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First of all we live in the desert, there is no chance of these things being able to live anywhere other than were I found them.

Somewhere in the past water got under an old handmade bookcase I had in the garage. As I was doing the usual search for Ebay stuff I found I had freed up enough space to unload the thing and finally get rid of it, as it was actually little more than badly constructed plywood.

As I got to the bottom level I discovered that termites had eaten through the wood on one side. I moved the thing to discover a huge thriving colony underneath the bottom which had been in full contact with the floor and essentially had a puddle of termites in it.

Now there was a solid concrete or metal barrier on all sides of this, so I knew it was an isolated colony. But once exposed to sunlight they started scrambling for cover.

Well nothing like spray raid exists in this house for reasons I won't get into. I had to use something else to deal with it immediately - I figured I had less than a minute to stop them from crawling to safety. And what was available to accomplish this?


I still kept it to short 1 second bursts though. These things incinerated easily.

Would have gone with martes to the used book store but I figured Ineed to stay hoem and check on the site periodically to make sure there were no survivors or a house fire starting. But I have the WD40 Flamethrower down to an art form. I have used it often in my life. Just a smaller version of the Army model.

I think you can use WD40 as a lubricant too, but I never tried it.
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