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This is why I did not succeed in the Army

Starting altitude 1343 Ft. ASL

Ending altitude, 3805 Ft. ASL.

I'm dead tired and I feel really stupid.

First of all, I didn't park where the Geocaching site said to, I parked at O'melvany park, since I thought the van would be safer there. This added a mile to the hike and over 1000' to the climbing altitude.

Other hikes were hard, this one was on dinky trails and all UP. Of course, if I had gone to the proper start point, it would have been all on graded fire roads. But not me.

I got there at 11:05 AM, which was all right. The last quarter mile I was accompanied by a minister who was 10 years older than me and recovering from a back injury, but I still could not keep up. We looked for the cache for a few minutes and then he had to go back down. I did find it a bit later. Then the fun started.

I decided to go back down via the fire roads I should have used to come in in the first place. Naturally, this resulted in my coming out at the point I should have started, now where I actually did.

Like an IDIOT I didn't mark my start point, so I didn't know how to get back to it. State of the art global positioning equipment, and I was LOST.

I walked about two miles in the wrong direction on Sesnon blvd, and only discovered I was going in the wrong direction when the street ENDED, with no park. So I went several miles back in the other direction, and finally found the van.

I walked past a friends house 3 times during this process, but managed to resist showing up at his front door and admitting how STUPID I was and asking for a ride back to my van.

martes had insisted I take water with me on the last hike like this. Trying to prove I actually listen to advice on occasion, I took three water bottles with me this time. Had I not done so, I would have needed the minister for last rites. As it was, I was out of water before I began the road march part of the trip.

More pictures are Here
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