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White Star Line


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New job starts on the 8th - but I don't know which one

I have maintained a high level of involvement in not just one but two volunteer organizations specifically to keep myself used to working about 72 hours a week.  This isn't new for me, I was working two full time jobs when martes and I first met.  This time it isn't that ambitious. I have been working 22 hours a week at Staples, another 8 at the vet hospital and doing about 30 hours more in unpaid time.

I start a full time job one week from today.  That much is certain, however there are two possibilities.

 First choice of employers, who didn't call me back right away, so  I thought were not interested.
B: Second choce, who hired me they day I showed up.

Well, "A" surprised me yesterday.  They are interested after all.  Much pickier employer, they actually called around for refrences to see what kind of person I am.

Choice "A" actually sets me off in a new career field with plenty of upward mobility options, and isn't so bad even at entry level.

Default choice "B" isn't really a career job, just income.  In reality it probably has even better chances to advance.  its really a Miltonian question.

Choice "B" does not conflict with my single 8 hour a day shift in a vet clinic, so I would be maintaining that and working three jobs, one full and two part.
Choice "A" does conflict, but the higher pay rate makes up the loss. I would probably still be able to help out for about 4 hours during the businest part of the day. Consequently either way I will make roughly the same money.

Interesting week coming up

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mecampbellesq September 29th, 2012
Having to choose between two employers who want to hire you...Not that bad a problem to have, eh?

vulpesrex September 29th, 2012
I've had that "problem" a couple times - right after periods of particularly extended joblessness. It feels as though Fate is having a last laugh at your expense, when you accept a job - and within a week of having started, get a callback from a long-thought dead opportunity, with an even better offer than what you gratefully and joyously accepted from the first employer.

Unless employer "B" is particularly noteworthy for loyalty towards their employees, I'd go with "A". If it were me and I didn't, I know that I would wind up always wondering how things would have turned out, if I had chosen that other path. And as it will allow you a bit more free time, and doesn't require you to "switch gears" so often in the space of a day or a week, it might make that time at the clinic or the CAP (or whatever your volunteer work is) a bit more enjoyable.

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