Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

New job starts on the 8th - but I don't know which one

I have maintained a high level of involvement in not just one but two volunteer organizations specifically to keep myself used to working about 72 hours a week.  This isn't new for me, I was working two full time jobs when martes and I first met.  This time it isn't that ambitious. I have been working 22 hours a week at Staples, another 8 at the vet hospital and doing about 30 hours more in unpaid time.

I start a full time job one week from today.  That much is certain, however there are two possibilities.

 First choice of employers, who didn't call me back right away, so  I thought were not interested.
B: Second choce, who hired me they day I showed up.

Well, "A" surprised me yesterday.  They are interested after all.  Much pickier employer, they actually called around for refrences to see what kind of person I am.

Choice "A" actually sets me off in a new career field with plenty of upward mobility options, and isn't so bad even at entry level.

Default choice "B" isn't really a career job, just income.  In reality it probably has even better chances to advance.  its really a Miltonian question.

Choice "B" does not conflict with my single 8 hour a day shift in a vet clinic, so I would be maintaining that and working three jobs, one full and two part.
Choice "A" does conflict, but the higher pay rate makes up the loss. I would probably still be able to help out for about 4 hours during the businest part of the day. Consequently either way I will make roughly the same money.

Interesting week coming up
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