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Life history in a box of gloves

I did another day off routine of going through the garage and looking for Ebay stuff. With the usual result of being stopped when the blue barrel trash can filled up.

The move into the house in 1994 was from two locations - the place I was currently living, and the contents of my storage, most of which had been buried where I could not get to it since 1989. As most of it was thrown together in hurried moves made under less than ideal conditions, the boxes tend to be random stuff. 80%+ of what I'm finding is garbage by my current standards. Mixed in with it all are enough items worth finding to make digging through it all worthwhile.

Most notable this time were two boxes of mostly gloves. In it were:

My winter riding gloves from my Biker days (official Harley Davidson gloves)
My summer riding gloves from my biker days.
Motocross gloves from my offroad time
USAF officer dress gloves
Army officer dress gloves
Army winter regular service dress gloves - about 6 pair. Probably from Fort Lewis WA
Army fatigue gloves with wool inserts.
Others I can't identify.

Most will probably go into the trash on the next cleaning round.
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