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Everything old is New again

I graduated RVT school one half decade ago. Five years has not brought me even a temporary full time job - or a part time one that lasted more than two months before being reduced to Saturday only - the day nobody else wants to work.

I will maintain the license - I worked too hard for it. I may still work in the career field again - but only in some FEMA disaster related job. Private practice is over. There are plenty of Vet Tech jobs - but every employer wants 5-10 years of full time experience that you got somewhere else. Nobody will hire an RVT without experience, and I can't get it anywhere. After 5 years, I give up.

So - I'm going back to Security. When I requalified as a security guard they reinstated my former license number. It actually looks like I've been working as a guard since 2003. Should have redone my gun qualification but I didn't have the money for that.

Oh well. The security guard business isn't what it used to be, it actually looks like its interesting work now. In any event my license reactivated yesterday and I spent most of the afternoon sending out job apps.

At least in this job field I won't be competing with illegal aliens and felons.
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