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White Star Line


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Where the Geocache was

This is at 2850 Ft elevation. I parked next to the road you see in the background - it's at 471 Ft. elevation and it's 2.8 miles away. All that haze is from yet another fire or the picture would look better.

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desertcoyote September 25th, 2002
Bee-yoo-tiful pic.../\_/\

Taken with a largen 350

titanic September 26th, 2002
Until recently the cheapest digital camera ever made. I also have a 35mm camera I got at the 99 cent store but I haven't gone through a roll of film init yet so I don't know how it's doing. Seems odd topay 99 cents for the camera and 99 cents for the film when it will still cost $10 to develop it. I need to find a cheap place to do that too.

Re: Taken with a largen 350

hakeber September 26th, 2002
Ten bucks to develop? The Best Buys around here don't charge that much for a roll of ordinary film.

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