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White Star Line


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  • Fri, 20:16: Finally found an event my wife will go to with me - a local outdoor performance of a beatles tribute band. Not as good as last year though.

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c_eagle August 19th, 2012
Awesome! Did you get the name of the band?


titanic August 19th, 2012
They actually play as the last act of the summer concert series every year. The other time I went to see them must have been years ago as the band members were all different and the talent level was not what I remembered. Still it was free and local, which fit with what we can afford at the moment.

c_eagle August 19th, 2012
Ah thanks... I don't think I've seen them. I did see one incarnation of a Beatle retro group at Knott's once, and they were just so-so..

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