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White Star Line


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Titanic Whistles

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This is where I spent today. 79848001537_0

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ruggels August 13th, 2012
So how was it?

San Francisco's Loss was San Pedro's gain. Is it worth the price of admission?

vulpesrex August 13th, 2012
Impressive! The USS Iowa, I take it?

I remember in the 1960's, as a kid, going out to Terminal Island to see the New Jersey, after she was reactivated to be used as a gun platform during the Viet Nam War. I was sort of impressed that just one of the turrets weighed as much as an entire Destroyer.

As a VERY young kid, in 1962 my family lived in Ft Lewis, WA, and one overcast Saturday we had a family drive up to Bremerton - and got to walk on the USS Missouri, which was mothballed there at the time.

Some day I will have to visit the Iowa; as a young kid, I hadn't any sort of context in which to properly appreciate what I was seeing or standing on. They were just big boats with big guns (I didn't know that they were among the last of their kind in the world, or really understand that the bronze plaque set in the teak deck of the Missouri was the spot where WWII was formally ended).

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