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Tool Time

It's starting to heat up now so I'm going to call it a day. Found a cache that had recently been restocked with all tools - someone put some money into this one. I traded up or at least even and kept with the theme. Planted another travel bug.

Picked out a cache for tomorrow morning. 6 mile hike with a 1200 ft altitude gain. I'll have to remember to get a new battery for the digital camera on my way out. I used up the battery taking Ebay pictures.

5 Locking Pliers
Sports Illustrated Watch

10 Locking Pliers
Small multi-function tool on carabinier
Knife travel bug
Additional pen (though the one in there works fine)

Saw lots of new construction and tools in use on the walk in! This is the best cache I have found so far - I'm lucky to be the first to find it after a restocking. I made sure to leave all tool stuff - including a tool travel bug!
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