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White Star Line


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Titanic row away

One Century ago - right now

In bygone years a number of friends would have replayed this event in real time - but they have scattered now. Probably it was still done by some group somewhere - there was even a twitter account posting the events exactly 100 years after they happened.

At this exact point in time Titanic is still sinking, and is just about to hit the bottom.

Several thoughts come to mind but its being covered enough elsewhere.

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vulpesrex April 15th, 2012
So - what are your thoughts? Your own thoughts and musings aren't being covered elsewhere!

I'm mulling over the fact that at about 100 lightyears distance from where our planet was at the time, there are electomagnetic waves moving outward - greatly diminished, but still there - modulated first with the morse characters "CQD" (for CQ Distress), followed shortly thereafter with the 1905-approved replacement prosign, "SOS" (which means nothing, as the signal is not actually three separate letters, but nine keyed intervals run together without spaces for distinct letters. This is the last documented use of CQD, by the way - and SOS had been used a few years before by other ships in distress).

oldhans117 April 15th, 2012
And the moral of the story is still "have enough damn lifeboats to hold everybody and to hell with the extra cost".

ruggels April 15th, 2012
Saw the mostly full sized replica they made on an SL sim. not very well done below the upper deck. Laggy as hell and full of clothing vendors.


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