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White Star Line


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Seuss WTF

Local youth

Walking down the paseo to the store last night, I went through a group of three teenagers. One asked rather directly "do you have a cellphone?"

Not "may I use your cell phone" or anything of the sort. So I just said "no" (which was true, I had left it at home) and kept walking.

After I passed the group, he loudly said "Cracker". Keep in mind everyone involved in this is white.

After I got a little farther away, he rapidly repeated some phrase about a half dozen times increasing the volume each time. Best description I can make for this was that it sounded like an old time way to call pigs in for food.

There was too much of a generation gap for the insult to actually work - after the first exchange of words nothing they said even made sense to me.

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dustmeat December 18th, 2011
Yeah, I get yelled "Lesbian!" when I walk down the street sometimes. Makes no sense so I shrug it off.

vulpesrex December 18th, 2011
Out of curiosity - what sort of impression did you get of them, before the one asked if you had a celphone? Was it a mixed group, or all boys? Where they moving along, or just "hanging out" in a more or less fixed spot?

martes December 19th, 2011
I was't with him, but I've been up that paseo a bunch of times, and there's a particular spot with a bench teens like to hang out at. Because this is a pretty white-bread neighborhood you usually just get teenage wanna-be gangster posers.

titanic December 20th, 2011
I have seen a group of 3-5 kids near this location on several occasions - usually I walk through the group without any interaction at all. This time it was 3 boys. They are always in the same spot where two of the paseo paths cross and there is a stone park bench.

shockwave77598 December 19th, 2011
"I can look in my purse if you like... I keep it next to my pepper spray."

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