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White Star Line


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Just made my first ham radio contact since about 1990. Someone was quick to point out that this call sign is just about ideal for CW use, as it ends in ... ... ...-

I'm just glad I didn't get KJ6STD - I only missed that by 8 places. Some other poor schmuck just got that.

I was going to immediately change whatever I got to N6RVT - but what I got was so good I'm just going to keep the default call. Just like randomly getting 200-0001 for a phone number. I'm still wondering why that wasn't reserved for a business.

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We use mostly old stuff

titanic November 20th, 2011
I think half of W6JW is using tube sets. I AM tired of just hearing

1. About the radio the person happens to be using
2. About whatever health issues the fossil has
3. About what turn they just made with their car. Probably the most interesting of the three, but they should be driving the car.

Seriously though, by your logic I should stop using the internet because I'm not a programmer. My latest fun is talking to Brits using what for them is illegal US radio equipment, as their CB band is all FM and mostly 27 as opposed to 26 MHz like ours.

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