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White Star Line


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While tuning through the CB bands to see how far 11 meter skip is going at the moment, I got a really great signal on 26.910, Lots of traffic piled up from the east coast.

And then I looked to see which CB channel that was. And it wasn't any of them.

Apparently CB users crowded the 40 channels so much that they spilled out and now operate anywhere from 26 to 28 MHz. I had discovered freebanding.

I'll never transmit on it - its all illegal activity, but it certainly is interesting to listen to.

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zorinlynx November 13th, 2011
I still have a handheld CB transceiver and a magnet-mount whip in my closet. I wonder if it works; I've not used it since the 90s.

I figured not many people were using CB today since newer tech like FRS and cel phones are now the mainstream way to communicate. But back in the 90s the CB channels were extremely crowded, full of incomprehensible Spanish spoken at ridiculous speeds (I know some spanish and couldn't keep up!) and people I'd rather not talk to. :)

titanic November 13th, 2011
The US spectrum from 26 to 28 MHz is crammed full of illegal radio operators. The CB bands are STILL crowded and they overflowed all the way up to the 10 meter ham band and down to where the marine channels are.

In England however, these frequencies are apparently open for general use, or else are just not enforced at all.

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