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White Star Line


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Late night radio conditions are good on 450 meters. I'm getting KTNN Navajo Nation like it was a local station. That low a frequency I'm not sure if its ground wave or an actual skip.

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vulpesrex October 31st, 2011
Any fading to speak of?

660 AM

titanic October 31st, 2011
It wasn't wavering - which makes me think it was ground wave. This station is also maximum power at 50,000 watts. There was fading in and out, but it wasn't their signal, it was another station fading in and out from somewhere else causing interferance.

720 Las Vegas, however, WAS fading at one point, even though that station is a lot closer, but I don't think they have anywhere near the same amount of power.

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vulpesrex October 31st, 2011
When I was about to start junior high school in 1968, we moved from Walnut (west of Pomona) to San Jose. my one consolation was that I could pick up KFI at night during the summer - and KFI carried Dodger Baseball broadcasts at the time. From just after sunset until about 2 hours into the night, the fading of the signal would be strong - about 60 seconds of loud and clear, then attenuation until it was gone for about 15 seconds, then building again until 60 seconds of Loud and Clear. Once the local ionosphere had settled down - again, about 2 hours after local sunset - then we could count on periods of upwards of 15 to 20 minutes of strong signal, with only brief fades. And of course, KFI was a "Clear Channel Station", meaning that other stations on that push had to sign off at sunset, or reduce power, or switch the feeds on their antenna array to change the radiation pattern. So - no interference.

I believe that you are getting sky wave; if you are on the fringe of the reflected zone - either too close to the station, or too far - fading would be most noticable as the ionosphere changes effective altitude for bounce. I think that you would need to look at something below 350 Kc to realistically rule out skywave propogation for exclusive groundwave.

If you can get KTNN again tonight, see if you can tune in KNBR on 680 Kc; it is the San Francisco Clear Channel station, so there shouldn't be any interference to it. You will be doing what we did in San Jose, but in the opposite direction.

KNBR is just as clear

titanic November 1st, 2011
I have about 75 ft of speaker wire strung out over the back yard in a big W. Hardly ideal but it seems to be working fairly well.

I can get both KTNN and KNBR clearly with no fading.

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