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Interesting end to work today

One of the other employees came back from his 15 minute break upset. Apparently he had hit something with his new high end pickup truck. Well I felt sorry for him and went on with my business.

About a half hour later he is out in front of the store talking to a CHP officer. Again I thought no big deal, he is giving an accident report..

Well then his gestures become "exaggerated". I didn't see what immediately followed, but apparently he hit the CHP officer. Next I see he is face down on the pavement and in handcuffs.

Five other cars show up containing another 9 CHP's Eventually our employee is breathalyser tested about five times, and later seen in shackles with what I now know to be a "spit bag" over his head. The contents of his pockets are on the trunk of the first CHP car involved, and apparently there was something in it - as the CHP looking at it threw three gestures - the last one indicating "one" as far as I know.

Without trying to guess at the missing parts of the story - I'm guessing this guy isn't coming back to work.
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