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Insomnia and Geocaching

I woke up about 3 Am and couldn't get back to sleep. Did Neopets for a little bit, and then on a whim checked the Geocaching site. I hadn't been on that for a couple of weeks.

There are a bunch of new caches, one less than a half mile from the house. So on a further whim, I decided to go look for it.

Nice full moon tonight, so bright the power lines were casting shadows. Just the right temperature too. I made sure I had good batteries in the GPS and set off.

As I thought, it wasn't on the trail itself, it is in the flood channel wash. But with the nice full moon I went in looking for it anyway. Got within 20 feet of it and noted that it is evidently somewhere under a low hanging tree.

So I turned on my flashlight and got a nice bright beam. For about 3 seconds. Should have checked the batteries in it too.

It was too dark under the tree to go looking for it at night so I went home. I'll go back out in a couple of hours when the sun comes up - but before it gets hot. Unless of course I can actually get back to sleep.
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