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Death of Gizmo5

Google bought Gizmo5 some time ago - and just announced they are shutting down the service on April 3rd.

I have been using IP telephones almost exclusively for years - but when this happens there will be no way to interface them with google voice. So the 5 desktop IP phones are going to be removed from service and handed off to martes for inclusion in the next batch of Ebay sales.

We converted the main telephone line over to Phonepower last month so we don't really need the google voice numbers for outbound calling anyway. So now the IP telephones will be going the way of all the Skype hardware phones that went away last year.

What WILL be a bit annoying is the fact I was making extensive use of the mail forwarding feature and now I have to change contact information with a whole lot of people.

So if any of you are in the market for one Linksys PAP adapter and five standalone IP telephones (with caller ID!) drop us a note.
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