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White Star Line


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Need a BIG scanner

I will soon be in the market for a scanner that can handle 11 x 17" pages. I have no idea what is or is not good in that format. Anybody have any suggestions?

Part of what's driving this is a need to scan some 500+ pages of artwork that is all in that size format. I have tried scanning photocopied pages that have been reduced to the size a regular scanner can handle - and the results are unacceptable. I need to be able to scan off the original artwork.

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ruggels September 23rd, 2002
11 x 17 flatbed scanners are amazingly expensive. and not at all common. I think they are special order items. Good luck in locating one though. However will and I do just fine with reducing artwork in the line stage to 8 x 11. However, with Roz's allready toned work, that agreed, is not a solution. good luck with it.


c_eagle September 24th, 2002
The print shop I used to go to used AGFA equipment to do that.. don't know what they paid for their scanners.
I have a legal size one 9x14 approximately, but yes, I've heard the price jumps quite a bite for larger plates.

loiosh_de_talto September 24th, 2002
11 by 17? Wow. I can get you 11 x 14 without a hitch (HP's 4P / 4C are the best consumer scanners ever produced) but 11x17. Wow.

Since the above information actually isn't answering your question at all, LoL:

Here's a search to try on ebay: 11x17 scanner

another possible

c_eagle September 25th, 2002
solution also might be (if others are still monetarily out of the question) to get a fairly nice digital camera and mount it like an animation stand. I use mine this way for lots of things nowadays, if they don't absolutely require scanning.

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