Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton


--Van I've been driving since 1995 finally gave out the rest of the way. Its been the most stable thing in my life for some time.
--Financial situation continued to deteriorate and we used up all of our cash reserves.
--First good job prospect letting me work for free for 6 weeks until I ran into the person they hired into the job second day I was there.
--Saturn being now out of business and the dealership that took such good care of the car being gone
--Not being able to engage in any weekend activity due to work schedule.
--Actually, not being able to do anything fun at all due to lack of having vacation time from the combination of part time jobs I have. I can't even do the free stuff.


--Got Staples to move me from the awful full time job to the much better part time job while retaining health benefits and the same pay rate.
--Part time job at Cat Clinic continues to be stable and fun
--September 28 of this year was the end of a long dark ride. Don't ask.
--Got re-acquainted with a volunteer organization I left in 1989. Don't have the money or time to do a whole lot other than get networked in for now, but its a nice change of pace.
--In December I finally landed - albeit on a part time relief basis for now, what looks pretty much like the job I went to school 5 years ago to get. Which by the end of 2011 should actually correct most of what was wrong with 2010
--The kittehs.
2010 was crap - but I already know 2011 will be better.
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