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White Star Line


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Lackadaisy Zib

Exciting day off from work


At least not for me. I used the day off from work - and the fact martes wasn't here all day - to break up and remove one of the two aging couches we had in the living room. It took up a lot of space, nobody ever sat on it and on rare occasions only a guest would sleep on it. kvogel was the last, using it just a couple of days ago.

It actually turned out to be a very cheaply made piece of furniture and broke up very easily. Sometime way back in my past I learned how to grade lumber based on how many imperfections (usually Knots) it had in it. This wood was very low grade and had actually already broken in two places where Knots went through the frame.

It was interesting for the cats though - none of the four of them had ever seen the carpet that was under where the couch had been and apparently there were some really interesting smells in there that required a lot of rubbing and rolling to absorb.

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kurtoons December 10th, 2010
When I helped move Lute from Waukeegan to Darkest Iowa, she had this huge, ancient couch that we couldn't fit through the door of her place. She didn't want to move it, she just needed to get it out of the house. Finally, she decided the heck with it; she dug out a hammer and a bread knife and together we hacked the sucker into pieces small enough to carry out of the house and toss in a nearby dumpster.

We called the incident the Ritual Sacrifice of the Sofa. It was a bonding moment.

Oddly enough, many years later I worked as a temp for a couple weeks at a furniture factory and part of my job included breaking apart reject furniture so that the wood could be ground up and used as sawdust.

Crazy world.

c_eagle January 1st, 2011
Kinda curious about being dropped from the list... I thought you said of all the accounts, at the very least Titanic friends would be a keeper..

Ah!... I see they are all gone! (still a mystery).... :>

Edited at 2011-01-01 06:33 am (UTC)

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