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Using up the last of the spare time

Got most of the scanning work on Blacklight done so I can print new issues with the new printer. 230 pages of it, I got the first 140 done. For some reason when I try to use the HP scanning software by itself (instead of scanning into photoshop) I can get the scanning done very quickly, but about 15% of the pages get saved as bitmaps instead of indexed color, and are unusable. I have to go back and re scan them, which negates a lot of the time savings.

Indexed color isn't what I want either of course. what I want is gray scale, but it won't scan to that. So I have to do color scans and then convert them to gray scale. I can't convert them to bitmap as almost all of the pages have ziptone on them. But at the time it was done the technology to print it the way I want to now didn't even exist, at least for home use.

I could now go back and reprint the older Huzzah issues if I want to - but the amount of time it takes to do this makes it not worth my while (especially now) for any book I can't plan on selling at least 20 copies of. Reprinting Roz's stuff is definitely worth it - but I don't know about the old huzzah issues. A couple of people are rally interested - but only a couple.
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