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White Star Line


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CAP Airplane

(no subject)

Flew as the Observer for about 2 1/2 hours yesterday out of Van Nuys. Plane was identical to the one in this icon, Cessna 182.

We were practicing low altitude air search patterns. As in about 500-700 Ft. off the ground at about 20 Knots above stall. It will be some time before I try flying that myself. We actually flew over my own house out and back as we did most of this about 10-20 miles west of the Gorman VOR.

Pilot training is about four years off for non-CAP related reasons. But this will do for now.

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caerdwyn August 13th, 2010
Hangin' on the prop. It's not party time til the stall indicator is a constant.

titanic August 13th, 2010
Pilot was really good, I didn't hear the stall indicator even once. We were going to go up to 10K and deliberately stall a few times so we could feel what the plane did when we pushed it too far but we ran out of time.

Looking forward to the day I can afford to fly in the front seat. The rear seat "scanners" don't long any flying time and so don't have to pay for anything, which suits my current situation.

feren August 16th, 2010
I need to get you a JAFO cap.

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