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White Star Line


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CE Classes

 Once you have a veterinary license, either as a Doctor or RVT, you have to do a certain amount of "continuing education" to stay current.   Sometimes a drug company with a new product sponsors these, and in order to get a lot of doctors to show up, feed you really good food.

The last one I was at was at a place called "Ruth Chris Steakhouse" where I probably got fed a $50+ dinner.  Best steak I've had in years, but the entertainment value was even better.  The presentation was on vomiting.  All through dinner there are big color pictures on the screen showing vomit, worms, various other parasites, finally a series of postmortem heartworm cases.

Now for the 40 or so veterinary professionals, we are all chowing down on really really good food with no problem.

The waiters are getting physically ill, to the point of spilling things.

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rowanf June 30th, 2010
Heh. That is hilarious. Ruth Chris does make some good steaks. WTB CE classes at such venues! I grew up talking surgery with my doctor father at the table. I'm pretty unphased (my husband says no talk about hemorrhagic fevers at the dinner table).

mejeep October 27th, 2010
Wow indeed. My parents attended 1-2 presentations at RuthChris and have the fortitude not to get suckered into such investments, but the meal and chocolate cake was not only delicious but memorably so!

Back in high school, I was dating a gal whose parents were pathologists at a nearby hospital, so we had to endure a slide show of heel surgery to call the holiday party a "technical or professional presentation" :-)

Usually the presentation is before or after the meal, not during it!

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