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White Star Line


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America loves Polo shirts (even though most people don't know what Polo even is)

 I wear a polo shirt to work.  So does anyone who works at Ralphs, Walmart, BestBuy, Petco, Kinkos, Starbucks or any other retail outlet around here.  When I worked for Homeland Security we had a polo shirt uniform.  The Coast Guard Aux has two, CAP has four (yes count them four different ones) even the sheriffs department wears them when they are using the unmarked cars.  Most LA City Services wear them.

While at my other job this morning (where I wear scrubs) I noticed we got a catalog from AVMA for custom imprinted workwear.  Was it scrubs?  Hell no, it was 30 pages of polo shirts with various AVMA logs on it.  Some were button up shirts in this case, but none of it was scrubs.

Excuse me "American Veterinary Medical Association" but what do you think we wear to work?  I suppose I could wear a polo shirt and a lab coat but I don't. and neither does anyone else.

At some point the world went business casual EVERY day of the week and not just Fridays.

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allthingsshiny June 6th, 2010
VPI is straight casual fridays, biz casual every other day. Unless our boss feels like making it a straight casual day, which is often.

There's a small movement to get hospital techs in polos and khakis, so that they look more professional. I think it's silly ... but i love my scrubs and don't want a collection of bloodstained polo shirts.

wolfwings June 6th, 2010
My thoughts: Scrubs *ARE* professional apparel if you're in the medical field, to me, with the exception of a 'keeps their hands clean' position or meeting where the classic 'scientist' look of lab coat over business casual is appropriate, but even then I've met doctors for meetings in scrubs and it felt just as professional to me.

ruggels June 6th, 2010
MDI has had four versions of the Polo shirts. it's automatic now with people looking at your left tit to see what company you are with. Polo's and Khakis, though I wear slate greys to match a company Jacket I never wear because it's never cold enough for it.


mejeep June 6th, 2010
I used to regularly wear Rugby shirts since they're a bit tougher and intended to withstand continued abuse (the very definition of Rugby, eh?). They came in nice colors and patterns and had the ever necessary collar to comply with my work dress code. I have not looked but I'm unsure they're available anymore.

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