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White Star Line


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TC - Surprise

Now for something completely different

 I just discovered one of the receptionists at the cat clinic I work at once held the land speed record in France, and is the first person to ever drive a Citroen faster than 200MPH.

And no, I do not yet know the story behind that.

Sometimes people are more than they seem.

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caerdwyn May 17th, 2010
200? Jeeze, how'd s/he get it above 30? Push it over a cliff? :)

titanic May 19th, 2010
Or dropped it from an airplane. Supposedly even the French didn't think it could be done.

c_eagle May 18th, 2010
Is that the Maserati engine one?

titanic May 19th, 2010
I'm not a car buff, but if it went that fast it probably had extensive modifications.

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