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White Star Line


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Custer Sigh

1988, Continued

Apparently there were more people  joining the fandom in 1988 than I initially remembered.  Though what I DID get right was that 1988 was the pivotal year when furry fandom went from scattered groups and small parties to an actual organized ongoing thing.

So when I got involved, Furry Fandom consisted of several dozens of people, but still less than a hundred.

I left when I started running into fans  who had not yet been born when that first convention happened.  One of them even hushed their friends when I entered the elevator, saying 'Shush - a mundane" 

And I realized they were right.

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vulpesrex May 17th, 2010
Pegged as a "Mundane" by some candy-raver, eh?

Baron Engel recounted a similar experience in the art show at this year's FURther CONfusion; it's told in some detail on his FurAffinity page.

THese people are not "fans". They come to the conventions to be entertained and forparties and dances, adopt some sort of persona without any real understanding or interest in stories or art or literature or animation or gaming, just think that it is part of the ritual in order to "hook up" with someone for a weekend, and be part of the crowd.

There is almost a desperation in this need to be "Part of The Crowd", and it _does_ make me wonder what their daily "mundane" lives are like, and what effect they are having on society and popular culture as a whole. Many of them are snide, and cynical way beyond their years - yet are willing to wear anime cat ears and tails and kitty slippers, just to fit in, without any real attachment to them.

NOTE: - I accidentally made this reply in the post following, about the speed record holder - in case your counter/tracker is off by 1.

caerdwyn May 17th, 2010
Wear it proudly.

zorinlynx May 17th, 2010
You never really leave... You just go quiet. :)

titanic May 19th, 2010
So furry fandom is "Hotel California"?

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