Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

1988 Furry Fandom

Drawn 23 years ago, and before there had ever been such a thing as a furry convention, this is a depiction of who the "Movers and Shakers" were in the pre-internet days.  11 of them anyway.

Missing from this picture are the two people who were actually most responsible for creating that first convention,  and best I can remember after all this time is that some decision they had made regarding Confurence Zero was unpopular, and everyone who dissented was labeled as being 'Team Evil"

Which was pretty much everybody.  It was a small fandom then.  We ran with it to the point of even making up our own flag.

NOW THE ULTIMATE TRIVIA QUESTION!  Prove that you too have grey hair and tell me you can identify all 11 of us who actually managed to be in one place at the same time.  Pretty good considering there were only 87 people total at that first con - and that was about a year after this.

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