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White Star Line


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A Comparason

From looking over the website, this person is apparently financially successful. He seems to have gotten into something of an identity crisis later in life, look at how many other organizations he joined.


I'd like to see him walk on an actual US Army installation dressed like this:.www.kfreeman.com/usrc/

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vulpesrex May 11th, 2010
Well, it's a nice collection of MIDI files, anyway.

The Alabama State Defense Force sounds like a State Militia, to be mobilised right after the National Guard, the Boy Scouts, and the Hells' Angels Motorcycle gang. The Ranger group sounds like a non-state-sponsored militia...to be called out after the ASDF.

As to the BG uniform - hard to tell just which Banana Republic he is the Caudillo of.

Last updated in 2008 - I wonder if Mr Freeman was a prominent "Friend of George", and just what his status is today. Or...is it possible that the website may have outlived the subject/sponsor?

titanic June 9th, 2010
The last journal entry is from a couple of years ago and mentions hes going back into the hospital for another cancer operation. Not hard to piece together what happened.

jerrinfox May 11th, 2010
They have everything a noob site needs including midi files!

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