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Briefly entertained going back into Civil Air Patrol

Right as I was getting out of the USAF, the chief of staff changed the service uniform to what I can only say resembled a Braniff pilot outfit. We were going to change to RAF style rank on the sleeves as well. Then the guy retired, and his wife, who was the driving force behind the change, was no longer part of the picture. I think the only time the original version of that outfit was worn was by the chief of staff at this retirement ceremony. They sewed epaulettes on the things and tried to use them all as regular service coats anyway, and they all look like crap.

Fast forward 20 years, and Civil Air Patrol just did the same thing.

CAP/CC Memorandum: Change to CAPR 39-1, CAP Uniforms 20 November 2006
The new Corporate Uniform has been well received and more and more members are wearing these combinations.

CC MEMO FOR ALL CAP UNIT COMMANDERS 16 February 2010 The National Executive Committee recently approved a proposal to phase out the Corporate Service uniform, including the Corporate service coat, white aviator shirt and AF blue slacks combination, black windbreaker, black overcoat and black police-style sweaters.

This is pretty much all the national command structure of CAP did 20 years ago when I was active in it. The CAP uniform manual is dated 2005, so this entire series of outfits came and went without them ever even changing the actual regulation.
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