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Last free weekend


Mailed out a few remaining Ebay packages. Still a few left to go.

Went down to the 3rd street promenade to a bookstore that is supposed to close before too long, has a political slant to it that will keep me from missing it, but martes wanted to go. Saw an interesting book there, but I took the cheap way out and ordered it used off Amazon after I got home.

We picked out a replacement appliance later in the day. We bought the second cheapest model that Sears had, and it still is substantially better than the model we have. The previous owner did not intend to stay here all that long and so got the cheapest dishwasher he could get. Even going as cheap as we did this one will have a bunch of new features - and even came with an unadvertised and unexpected $30 rebate.

Of course, I have NEVER received a mail in rebate for anything. But I'll mail it in anyway.
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