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White Star Line


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Blast from the Past

In the 60's I grew up on the east coast listening to WABC New York.  The three disk jockeys they had were Imus, Cousin Brucy and Wolfman Jack. 

Imus is not only still on radio, but his morning show is actually carried on cable TV

I just found Cousin Brucy on Sirius radio, still DJ'ing the 60s channel.

Wolfman Jack is still hosing a satellite radio show as well.  Even after 40 years.

And being dead.

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ack! ick! ick! bad memories!

mejeep May 15th, 2010
Wow, that conjured up bad memories of an awful summer at Boy Scout Camp. WABC was the only station played on the radio. The drivel, the asinine chatter, it's etched into my memory! I WANT MY BRAIN CELLS BACK!

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