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White Star Line


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Fountain Pen 2

Rollerball pen experiment

I tried refilling a rollerball pen with fountain pen ink.  Since I couldn't get the feed mechanism out, only the core part (that looks like a small ball point pen refill) I used a syringe to inject the fountain pen ink into it.  It worked, except now the feed mechanism was completely clogged with ink.  I also had to force the core back in, again, and it worked, but only once, it won't take that abuse a secod time.

So how to get the ink out of the feed mechanism?

Blood sample centrifuge.  Only took a  couple of seconds, I didn't even have to let it spin up all the way.

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zorinlynx February 18th, 2010
How many Gs of acceleration do those usually impart upon the samples, anyway? :)

titanic February 20th, 2010
The ones for blood spin at 2000rpm - the Hematocrit spinner runs at 6,000 - and I don't remember enough of how to calculate energy to actually answer the question.

mejeep May 15th, 2010
wow, that's geeky indeed! I have no access to such fun and useful stuff, but I'm rarely using my drafting or fountain pens.

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