Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Give me a reason to keep Skype

I have two Belkin phones, the Phillips portable dual purpose phone, and a Vosky telephone adapter - four ways to use skype WITHOUT a computer.  I also have a maximum expanded Linksys CIT300 with four handsets, all you can configure the thing with.  Also a cheapie skype handset I used with the laptop, not to mention three webcams.

Most of this stuff dates from 2006, in that era just before Secondlife got voice and we all were using Skype to talk to each other.  However since that brief period of heavy skype use I have not had occasion totalk to anyone on it, and I think my last Skype conversation was a couple of years ago.

Now with google voice and IP telephones I doubt I will use skype again.  I don't talk to anyone out of the country, and since I tested the webcams I have not used them since.  Its probably time to rip all of this stuff out and sell it on Ebay.

Anybody else still a skype user?  Any reason I should hold onto this stuff?
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