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White Star Line


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More about this printer I like

The previous machine we had was an HP Photosmart - it needed a huge bloatware program to run on the network that you could only install with a suite of crap programs.  And then it would periodically corrupt or disappear.  In addition, the fax part of it could not send over an IP Phone line, only over a regular POTS line, making it useless.

Our previous scanner was some bizarre obsolete model that wasn't even intended for the US market - it scanned in A3 size.  The only way to make it work was to use its own scanner software to make a TIF and then import it to Photoshop, really clunky.

Now we can scan in 11x17" by remote control, if not for the fact someone has to physically position the  paper on the glass.

We can print full color in 11x17", which we have never had before.  In fact we never had a decent color printer before, even regular size.

The fax machine works over an IP phone line just fine!  I printed a multi page fax from a computer located in a different room and without going anywhere near the printer it woke up, sent the fax and went back into power save mode.

Finally bought something I am actually happy with.

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mejeep February 12th, 2010
So what is this marvellous magical machine? I want one!

I gave away my 14x17 paper since I have nothing with a platen that large!

Re: superSizeMeeps!

titanic February 14th, 2010
I also just discovered it can do borderless prints. meaning full bleed.

Our 100K printer at work can't even do that!

dannycat February 12th, 2010
I'm curious too. I went to a Win7 64 bit machine and the old Mustek had a heart attack. I miss my ability to scan comics pages in one pass.

Its this

titanic February 14th, 2010

We are actually giving our two flatbed scanners away at this point. Don't need them anymore.

Re: Its this

dannycat February 14th, 2010
Awesome. :) I saw this model first on an animator's blog and it had me intrigued then. The best thing was the price. I'll be damned if I care to spent over half a grand for an Epson large format, but the newer Mustek model doesn't mention anything about compatability with Win7 64 bit.
The only downside with this one is the footprint. I honestly don't care about FAXs, but the printer might be handy for non artsy stuff in large format. I also prefer machines to be dedicated to a particular task, but for it's price, this is very tempting.

It has to be big

titanic February 17th, 2010
Since it prints on 11X17" as well as scan. But the network access mens you can put it almost anywhere. In fact, it even has wireless networking built in (which I'm not using) which probably means you can put it in the closet if you want to.

I've also discovered it can do borderless prints, which I have not yet tried But the commercial printer I run at Staples can't even do that!

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