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White Star Line


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Ebay is done for now

"custer" now officially has nothing for sale. I have about 8 auctions to wrap up that are either waiting for payment or waiting for shipping, after that I'm done wiht Ebay for awhile.

It provided enough cash to get through the last couple months of unemployment, and also eliminated a lot of clutter in the Garage. Monday I will probably take a pile of stuff to Goodwill that didn't sell, just to get rid of it.

Anybody out there who is about a size 30-33 waist that wants 3 pair of Army BDU camoflage pants? They didn't sell on Ebay but I figure I got a number of people on my friends list they probably fit.

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salemkitty September 21st, 2002
Darn i!! I'm a size 38, or something like that.

ben_raccoon September 21st, 2002
Darn you narrow-waisted people! I'm a 38 as well, no way will I ever shrink enough to fit into those.

Give me a few months...

mecampbellesq September 21st, 2002
...and I should be down to a 33. Since I've started my diet I've been shedding about 8lbs a week! I know that's bragging, but I gotta tell someone :)

wolphyn September 21st, 2002
Ooh. They'd fit me, but I'm broker than... my cat (at least he isn't in debt). :P

hakeber September 22nd, 2002
If I weren't *pregnant* I'd be a 32X30. Maybe I will be again by late winter. Grump.

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