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White Star Line


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New Printer

I now have the ability to send an 11x17" fax.  To who?  What machine can receive an 11x17" fax?

Or would it just split it into two pages and print it that way?  I'm curious - I haven't tested the fax function on this yet.  We got this mainly to get the 11x17" scanner ability.  Being able to print that size page is nice too, but being able to fax that size?  really?

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darrelx February 10th, 2010
It will vary from one receiving machine to the next. Most fax machines will reduce the page resolution to fit the receiving machine's width. Some will reduce for height as well, but others will spread larger pages across multiple sheets.

I've never seen a fax machine handle oversize width, though... and most fax systems are saved to computer image first, then printed, so the printer driver can have some say in the matter, too.

titanic February 10th, 2010
It also has options for fax resolutions I've never heard of before - the two choices I'm familiar with and then two beyond that.

I'm tempted to fax something to work just to see what shows up and how it looks.

darrelx February 11th, 2010
Interesting sidenote: the underlying data encoding in the FAX protocol is identical to a Group4 compressed TIFF image. In fact, the TIFF (tagged image file format) specification was created specifically for fax machines to talk to each other, then modified later to support color and other types of compression. Group4 compression focuses on compressing white-space, so darker fax images will take much longer to transmit than images that are mostly white (like typed pages are)

The signal being transmitted (after handshaking is done) is basically a binary stream of a black & white multipage TIFF file without the filename.

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