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Net 10

Ok, I rant.

My net10 phone had 2056 minutes on it as I don't talk a lot.  <lj user="martes"> phone had 221 minutes on it.

I called net10 to move 1000 minutes from my phone to hers.  I asked them three times during the conversation if they could do this and they kept saying yes.

A t the end of the conversation, ALL  2056 minutes have been moved to her phone.  The 60 days of airtime on my phone have disappeared.  My phone is now nonfunctional and cannot be reactivated without a new sim chip.

The person's supervisor, also reading off a script, repeatedly informed me as to how this is what I actually wanted and there is no way to reverse it.

My only remaining option was to complete what they were already doing - whicvh is completely transfer all of my service to the new phone.  This makes my original phone a deactivated piece of junk, so it is now in the trash.

Silver lining to the cloud - <lj user="martes"> now not only has a cool new phone - but also the phone number everybody has memorised, which is in fact my original L.A. Cellular number..  This make sthe seventh time its been transplanted.

Nobody knew what the number to the new phone was anyway.
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