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White Star Line


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Blogging for Paraplegics

If you ever get so bored you want to listen to choppy, rambling and often difficult to understand voice blog posts often done from cheap cell phones or even in bed, try cinchcast.  Heres one I did: www.cinchcast.com/jasper-worthington/15495
Someone I used to know in SL has a whole string of these made from his bed while talking on a  headset connected to a phone which I'm guessing has voice speed-dial. One is over 20+ minutes long, during which he essentially says nothing.  I was somewhat fascinated by that because I am unable to coem up with 20 minutes of verbage while staying off every possible topic.

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c_eagle December 29th, 2009
A similarly masterful speaker... http://www.imdb.com/video/hulu/vi1265173785/ :D

titanic December 30th, 2009
One hardly needs commercial television for this sort of entertainment, its available for free on the internet in quantities far larger than anyone could ever want....

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