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White Star Line


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From Twitter 11-11-2009

  • 20:29:52: Can't afford a "real" cell phone plan, but the new Samsung T401G is a net10 phone with a keyboard that might finally make me active here.

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c_eagle November 12th, 2009
I've been doing a LOT of cel phone searching recently too, with T-Mobile having new nice plans, but MetroPCS plan is even better.... $30/mo for lots of unlimited stuff! I am also looking at the StraightTalk Plan by TracPhone which is similar to the Metro plan, same price, but has 1000 hours and 1000 texts (should be enough)... Also, does not have the roaming that Metro has.

The plan I've had for years is a Cingular one for $35, but texting is 20c each, and roaming is 69c/minute, so looking to get away from that.

titanic November 12th, 2009
With the Samsung phone and NET10 the text messages are 3 cents each, and it has a full keyboard making text messages finally practical to send. We need to ahve a second cell phone again so I will be picking up one of these for myself next week and handing the existing LG phone off to martes to use.

titanic December 2nd, 2009
metropcs does not support short codes, so if twitter is important to you, avoid it.

c_eagle December 3rd, 2009
Thanks heaps for the tip!... I don't Twit so hopefully it won't matter.... I am actually thinking also (since they are both month-to-month) of trying out the TracFone plan too, since for the same price it also adds minimal web usage AND no roaming worries. Also, the software for the MetroPCS Nokia phone tried to eat my computer, so that is a demerit.

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