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White Star Line


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Dishwasher go down de hoooooole.....

I had actually originally planned to spend today at Magic Mountain, as there are only two weekdays left when it will be open before my new job starts. However the dishwasher just gave out, so I have to go to Sears to price out a new one. I won't be able to take a day off work to get a new one installed so we have to do this this week.

I also have a lot of scanning to do in order to get certain books reprinted. It's much cheaper, much faster and the final product is better to print books at home now with the equipment I have, at least once all of the scanning is done and the pagemaker file to print from is prepared. I'll be doing a lot of that this week I think.

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shockwave77598 September 20th, 2002
How did it die? It is probably cheaper to just get it repaired. Some repairs are simple and some require someone to come out and fix it.

The most common glitch is a stopped up food filter. If it gets blocked, no water can drain and the thing is always full of water. Find the filter and get the mess off and the machine will run good as new.

hakeber September 20th, 2002
Well, if it's just a plugged food filter, I can see that. But I was always taught that any repair on these things that's gonna run over $100 just isn't worth it. And that would be most repairs.

Picked out the new one already

titanic September 20th, 2002
About $450, but it has a bunch of features that our current washer does not have, even if it was working correctly. And it is supposed to be a lot quieter, a big plus. We go to have another lookat it tomorrow before we decide for sure.

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