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White Star Line


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  • 17:04 @allthingsshiny A .410 is a rediculous shotgun to begin with. Probably had #4 shoit in it and no more than about 8 pellets. #
  • 17:06 Well that was a little fast. The new Emergency clinic not only wants me but wants me to start 6 HOURS from now. Better go to bed soon. #
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titanic November 7th, 2009
Well what basically was going on was that I was working two jobs, the full time one having no internet access at all, and the part time having it, but being where I was constantly busy and never had time to post anything substantial. So I was using loudtwitter to copy over the short 140 character posts one can do on that service.

But as you say, you are seeing replies from stuff posted on another system where you have no visibility of the original comment.

In this case another ERVT was commenting on a pit bull that showed up in their emergency room shot by a .410, and I replied that it was a fairly ineffective shotgun for just about anything. The dog in fact did not even require overnight treatment.

I have now shut off loudtwitter - not only for the reasons you gave, but also because I now work graveyard in an emergency clinic myself - and its a new place that doesn't do a lot of late night business, so my internet access is now better than its has been in a decade. I'm sitting here at 1:38AM with two patients to watch, and thats it. I have to be able to respond quickly - but until something happens - I'm just watching two sick dogs.

So I have a lot more net time, and I can post real blog entries again.

I don't have a cell phone with a keyboard anyway.

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