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White Star Line


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TC - Stern Look

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What Goes Around Comes Around.

All of the banks mentioned had increased their interest rate on credit cards up into the 20-30% interest bracket. Chase has actually started charging 28.8%. On the news just today was Bank of America saying they would now charge annual fees of $25 to $100 just to HAVE one of their credit cards.

Bank of America made 35 Billion dollars in checking account overdraft fees, actually more than what they lost in defaulting credit cards - held by the people who could no longer make their credit card payments as the bank had already taken the money.

If you decide someone owes you $800, and they don't, you do not take an $800 loss when they don't pay you.

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barona October 17th, 2009
I paid off credit cards a few months ago, and it is nice. Living well is the best revenge-- if at all possible, pay off and TEAR UP those damn cards. Then when they come to you, sniveling and saying "we'll give you 10% interest!" you can say "I don't need your kind any more" and hang up.


c_eagle October 17th, 2009
*nod*... All of mine seem to be heading up there too, when for years they hovered around the 7.9% level...

jerrinfox October 19th, 2009
Let me just say, I hope Chase and the totyher bankers all die of a painful ass cancer.

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