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White Star Line


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From Twitter 10-06-2009

  • 20:28:20: Geocities is closing on the 8th - old timers will remember this is one of the first free web hoting services ever in 1993
  • 20:48:28: A 1.3mm caligraphy point isn't the best thing to be writing letters with, is it? Also uses up that Shaeffer cartrige in about 5 pages!

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yeah wow....

c_eagle October 8th, 2009
Wow... I thought it was already closed.

heh! Remember when it was BHI? That's when I got my account... Hollywood 1700-something. They nuked it years ago, while leaving other accounts out there, inexplicaply... I read about this closure a few months ago and I srsly thought it already happened. Thanks for the refresher!

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