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White Star Line


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More cop car stuff

On my way home from work today, a Sheriffs car pulled in behind me at a stop light, and turned on the lights and the siren. It stayed right on my rear bumper for about a quarter mile until I pulled over.

It then sped up and rocketed off into the sunset.

You might remember this scene from an early Cheech & Chong Movie.....

And thats about how I felt when it happened.

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arnequis September 27th, 2009
That happened to me once, while driving on the Interstate 10 through the Texas prairie (where the posted speed limit was 70 mph). The only difference is that I pulled over immediately and as with you, the squad car shot on by, leaving me to my heart palpitations.

darrelx September 28th, 2009
Why did it take you a quarter mile to pull over?

titanic September 28th, 2009
I was looking for a place to pull over for a vehicle stop, not merely to get out of the way. Even so, the entire event was probably 30-40 seconds.

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