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Back to School after two years

I have a habit of buying pretty much anything at staples that goes on super clearance. When stuff normally priced at $20 to $50 goes on sale for $0.99 because they just want the stuff gone and out of the inventory I can't pass it up.

After about a year, I wound up with four copy paper boxes of office supplies I just plain don't need, so today I went back to Pierce College after two years and dropped off a big care package which was very much appreciated.

If you look at the icon I'm posting with here, the entire upper right quarter of that picture is now a big parking lot. And apparently even that is not enough. After visiting my old instructors & department, I decided to go for a walk around the rest of the campus. I decided to drive over and park in the main lot. This was a mistake.

The main parking lot was completely full. Speeding around in it were about 30 cars being driven by teenagers on cell phones, all apparently late for class and paying no attention at all to any traffic signs whatsoever. They drove on the wrong side of the road, blew through stop signs and drive about three times over the limit. After about three minutes of this I just took the closest exit and left.
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