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Might explain UPS's problems

I shipped out three packages via UPS the other day, mainly because the people who had bought my stuff on Ebay used paypal to pay for it and paypal has some agreement with UPS that makes it very easy to use UPS to ship, so I did it that day. I was rushed for time and I though I would try it out. Well, it DID work...

Yesterday a UPS truck pulls up to the house and hands me THREE starter kits for UPS shipping.

There is only one of me, and only one account.

The starter kit is full of flat envelopes for overnight and 2nd day shipping of documents. I was selling packages of stuff on Ebay - and I'm not even doing that anymore.

They probably paid more to make up these starter kits than I paid to ship stuff.

I'm going to use the box one of them came in to ship something out via Federal Express - should be good for several laughs as it goes through their system.
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