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Damn this is so addicting

A series of North Korean childrens (???) cartons from 1977 - ?

One can see RAPID development in the storyline and technique in just the first four episodes. Almost seems like they weren't sure where they were going in the very first one, with the animals being low tech and still somewhat naturelike. Originally teh protector of the NK animals is a bear, who gets drunk and abandons them at the end of the first episode. It didn't hit me until just now, but this is no doubt the USSR abandoning North Korea, making them defend themselves from then on.

By episode 3 they are into modern fighting armies. The production value, originally a copy of 1950's Russian animation, has taken on its own style and improves with each episode.

The series is called 'A Squirrel and a Hedgehog" who are teh NK good guys. The bad guys are mice led by weasels. For some reason the NK has a navy comprised entirely of ducks and an airforce of what appear to be ravens, but the other side doesn't have this, at least as far as episode 3.

The UN and the US don't appear until way late in the series, being Wolves and a lone alligator. Im not sure who is who there, but I think we are the Wolves as they seem to be controlling everything and are way high tech compared to everybody else.

These things are all 22-24 minutes long, as though they were made for viewing on commercial TV
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