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White Star Line


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Fountain Pen 1

Now I find out....

Higgins "Black Magic" ink is apparently really good in dip pens.  It doesn't work in fountain pens - it clogs.  Aparently too thick.  I did have to fight with it to get it to go through the 19Ga needle on teh syringe, though it did go.

No damage done - I cleaned it all out, but this particular pen (no brand name on it) takes European standard cartridges that I can't get at Staples.  There were actually TWO of them in here, both empty, but I'm thinking a Waterman cart might work as apparently there is enough space in there.  I'll try that.

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caerdwyn August 27th, 2009
Black Magic is intended for use on sealed surfaces, and is actually a plastic in solvent. Solvent evaporates, you get a black plastic line. It is also good in brushes IF you never let it dry. But in fountain pens... no good. It's a tech-pen ink, in which the ink-delivery system is well-sealed, and the only part that ever dries (the very tip) can be unclogged with a quick wipe with a cloth (it peels the super-thin plastic layer off the tip).

Try good old-fashioned india ink.

Someone in Corporate is ignorant of ink

titanic August 28th, 2009
The bottle of Higgins "India Ink" looks very similar to the "Black Magic" bottle. However, in our store the bottle of Black Magic is right next to the glass bottle of Parker Quink, and not with the art supplies where it belongs, all the way on the other side of the store.

Hey fooled me, I bought it, as it was way cheaper than the actual Parker ink.

My Pilot Varsity is supposed to be a disposable pen anyway, if I ruin it with acrilic ink, I'm technically out only the wasted ink as the disposable pen is supposedly used up at that point.

Odd that my refilled Varsity seems to be working just fine with this stuff. It was the fine point Waterman that choked on it.

Re: Someone in Corporate is ignorant of ink

caerdwyn August 28th, 2009

titanic September 2nd, 2009
I was considering trying to actually use my 1951 manual typewriter foor my next letter, but I have gone to rely too heavily on spell check and anything I produce on a non correcting manual typewriter will look like a monkey did it. And not one of the oens that is supposed to come up with Shakespear eitehr.

shockwave77598 August 27th, 2009
Could you thin it with some Naptha?

titanic September 2nd, 2009
Still would be chemically wrong. But now I have the right ink for the pen, and even the right pens for the wrong ink I got.

kurtoons August 28th, 2009
I used to use Higgins "Black Magic" exclusively back when I did all my inking with a crow-quill pen. But when we moved to Wisconsin, I lost my source of pen nibs. And I found it hard for a while to find India Ink of any kind. I discovered that there was a local ordinance in the town we were in requiring India Ink to be sold at the counter, to prevent teens from using it to give themselves tattoos.

Yitzes. Don't they know that when India Ink is criminalized, only criminals will use India Ink?

titanic August 30th, 2009
From what I've been reading, Higgins Black Magic isn't supposed to work in a fountain pen, its not a water bsed ink. However the cheap parker calligraphy student plastic fountain pens you can STILL buy for about $5, as well as the non-refillable Pilot varsity pens that I refill anyway, are apparently crude enough to handle it. My fine point waterman DID choke on the stuff though.

I do most of my writing with crap pens at the moment because my handwriting itself is crap. Its just fun to use the stuff.

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