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White Star Line


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Visiting Kitty

We had some new people move in a couple of houses down. They say they have a couple of cats. A new cat thats' been visiting our yard recently is supposed to be one of them I think.

Kitty was in our yard today. She looked in the window sort of forlornly and I decided to make friends by giving her a dish of tuna.

She gobbled up the whole thing. While she was eating she let me pet her and I discovered I could actually feel her ribs - she has not been eating well. Also discovered her collar has no tag on it and was tight for a cat of her size - she seemed more like an abandoned pet than a current one. I adjusted the collar to fit properly while she ate. She left the dish so clean it looked like it had had nothing in it. This cat was really hungry. She even pushed the bowl around to make sure nothing had fallen out of it.

I will look to see if she comes by again tomorrow.

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okojosan September 18th, 2002
Please be careful feeding the kitty tuna!



If it's tuna meant for cats it's okay. Tuna meant for humans is bad for cats as a regular diet. I usually feed stray cats cat food.

It's OK

titanic September 18th, 2002
The article says that feeding a cat "only" tuna for an extended period of time can lead to dietary deficiencies. I do not disagree. But this may well have been the first can of tuna this cat has ever had. It was a one time treat!

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